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Horse Owner Charged with Animal Neglect Fined Nearly $600
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 07/17/2017

A central Wisconsin woman who was charged last winter for starving her horse to the point where it eventually had to be put down has been fined $583 for her actions. Belva Bowden of Babcock learned of her penalty in Wood County Circuit Court last week after being found guilty of intentionally mistreating an animal. But the judge said she will not face any other criminal convictions.

As Wisconsin Ag Connection reported in January, a resident found the malnourished horse along a roadway in late-September and alerted authorities. That's when Bowden gave it up to an animal welfare organization, where it was later euthanized because it didn't have the strength to eat.

The case received a lot of media attention at the time because of the amount of time it took prosecutors to file charges.

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