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AAW Applauds FCC Establishment of New 5G Fund
USAgNet - 04/02/2020

American Agri-Women's President Karolyn Zurn stresses that America consists of farmers from all over the U.S. and most are in very rural areas. Zurn says, "American Agri-Women is concerned that even though 5G implementation seems forthcoming to rural America where 3G and 4G services are now, there are still farmers and ranchers unable to get any coverage. We ask that Chairman Pai move forward making 5G connectivity and coverage available for all rural America."

The lack of 5G Broadband, also called the 5th generation digital cellular network technology, to these agriculture businesses puts our Nation is a vulnerable position as they work hard to provide an abundant food supply.

Food supply is a huge part of our national security. The 5G implementation would allow our farmers and ranchers to better purchase agriculture inputs and then sell at appropriate times. In other words, agriculture needs to be able to access the markets. Rural America needs to have the same opportunities as other businesses that are not rural.

A flourishing rural community is the backbone of our nation. Many of our farmers and ranchers use Precision Agriculture tools to develop field plans, oversee the newest innovations and even catch problems like pests and other field conditions. Safety is also a huge factor on the farm.

Precision Ag products for instance, enables connections from tractor to tractor. Our combines can now connect to the grain cart to control safe distance between the cart and the combine head. Farmers, from their cell phone, can control planters and input amounts like fertilizer saving hundreds of dollars, which mean a lot in these trying times of low prices. We can remotely switch grain dryers on and off, monitor grain bins to determine grain condition, and turn stirators on and off to mix hot and cold spots in the grain to prevent spoilage but to do this efficiently we need resources such as 5G Broadband.

Ranchers and those that operate livestock sales operations are at a huge disadvantage without connectivity. Possible buyers cannot view or bid on animals from the most rural areas of us all. Sometimes the businesses that are outside of the actual farmers and ranchers are forgotten but they are needed to keep agriculture at the forefront.

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