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Forest Products Week Slated in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 10/11/2017

The state will soon recognize the forest products industry and the organizations that keep the sector healthy. Gov. Scott Walker proclaimed the third week in October as Forest Products Week, which encourages citizens to recognize the many products that come from forests.

"A century ago, Wisconsin's forest industry helped build the Midwest and many of Wisconsin's cities," said Scott Lyon, forest products specialist with the Department of Natural Resources. "Today, Wisconsin has 17.1 million acres of forestland covering nearly half of the state and is home to more than 1,200 forest products companies producing a variety of products that we use daily. The forest products sector is a major economic engine, generating $24.7 billion in goods and services annually, and is especially vital to our rural communities."

Wisconsin also celebrates Manufacturing Month during October; and the forest products sector continues to be a vital component of the state's manufacturing industry. Primary and secondary forest products businesses make up to 14 percent of all manufacturing jobs in the state, Lyon said.

Forest products include paper products such as food packaging, fine writing paper and tissue paper; additives such as liquid smoke, food ingredients and cosmetics; and lumber used for homes and furniture.

In addition, Wisconsin remains the nation's top papermaking state, producing 5.3 million tons of paper annually.

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