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DNR Unveils 'Off the Record' Podcast for Deer Hunters
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/08/2019

With gun deer season beginning later this month, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources invites hunters to listen to the "Wild Wisconsin - Off the Record" podcast to help get prepared. Recent episodes cover the impact of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin and the department's Hunt for Food program.

In the "Getting a Grasp on CWD's Impact in Wisconsin" episode, Tami Ryan, the DNR's Acting Director of the Bureau of Wildlife Management, and, Dan Storm, the DNR's Elk and Research Scientist, address the substantial research efforts underway to help slow the spread the deadly nervous system disease. CWD affects deer, moose and elk and is caused by an abnormal protein called a prion. These prions cause brain degeneration in infected animals and lead to extreme weight loss, abnormal behavior and loss of bodily functions.

Six active research projects are ongoing in the department related to CWD, the largest being the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator study, which is focusing on the potential impact of CWD on deer survival and deer population growth in southwest Wisconsin.

The gun deer season begins November 23.

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