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Walker Signs Sportsman Bills into Law
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/14/2017

Governor Scott Walker signed four hunting-related bills into law over the past weekend.

The first bill restores a prohibition revoked earlier this year, which eliminated deer carcass tags from being required under law and thereby re-legalized the harvest of antlerless deer by adults using a youth antlerless deer hunting license under group hunting circumstances. This bill re-establishes the 2015 Act 100 prohibition for adults from harvesting antlerless deer using a youth antlerless carcass tag under group hunting allowances.

Another measure eliminates the requirement that a person be at least ten years of age to hunt under the hunting mentorship program, leaving it up to parents to decide; and further eliminates the current limit of one hunting device that a mentor and a mentee may have while hunting. They both may now carry hunting devices. Finally, the bill prohibits a person who is serving as a mentor in a group hunting party from killing a deer for the mentee or using a deer carcass tag issued to the mentee, in line with other statutes with youth hunting.

The third policy extends the fall turkey, gray partridge and pheasant hunting and trapping seasons. These seasons currently close on December 31. The bill sets them as open through the Sunday nearest January 6 and would statutorily prohibit variation.

And the final bill provides that if DNR determines, based on harvest registration data for an animal in a specific area of the state, that it is likely that more than the quota set for that animal for the open season will be taken in that area, DNR may close the season for that animal in that area, notwithstanding the uniform season end date created in the bill.

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