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Progress Inching Forward in Wisconsin Farm Fields
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 05/14/2019

It was more of the same for Wisconsin farmers last week as another wet and cool week kept much from happening in the fields. The latest crop report by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture noted that some planting, tillage and manure spreading was accomplished between rain showers, though wet soils meant many fields were still inaccessible. Reporters say some corn was planted on higher and lighter ground, and there were a few sightings of soybeans being planting. But cold soil temperatures continued to suppress germination of seeded fields.

Topsoil moisture levels were rated 59 percent adequate and 41 percent surplus.

As of Mother's Day, spring tillage was 41 percent complete across the state. That was two days behind last year and more than a week behind the five-year average.

About 14 percent of the corn has been planted, also a week slower than last year's progress and 11 days behind normal. Only four percent of the soybeans were planted so far.

Farmer have approximately 41 percent of their oats in the ground, with 19 percent of the crop emerged.

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