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Results of Wisconsin's 2018 Ag Chemical Survey Released
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 05/15/2019

The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service has posted the results of its Agricultural Chemical Use survey, which was taken last fall to gauge information about on-farm and post-harvest fertilizer and pesticide use and pest management practices in Wisconsin.

NASS collected data for the 2018 crop year about chemical use and pest management practices used on corn and soybean production, which was part of the Agricultural Resource Management Survey.

For fertilizer use, the report found that nitrogen was most widely used on corn in Wisconsin, as state producers applied the chemical to 97 percent of planted acres at an average rate of 113 pounds per acre. Macronutrients phosphate and potash were also applied to the majority of acres, at an average rate of 37 and 76 pounds per acre, respectively. The secondary macronutrient, sulfur, was applied to 38 percent of the corn.

Herbicide active ingredients were also applied to 97 percent of the corn acres planted in Wisconsin. Atrazine was the most widely used pesticide, which went on nearly half of the planted acres. And S-Metolachlor was the active ingredient with the greatest total amount applied in state farm fields.

Fungicide and insecticide active ingredients were applied to six percent and eight percent of corn acres planted, respectively.

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