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State Crop Acreage Looking Greater Than Previous Estimates
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 07/01/2020

All in all, it's turning out to be a great year for Wisconsin crop growers. The USDA released its crop acreage report on Tuesday, which notes that the total number of corn acres planted in the state is estimated at 4.00 million, up 100,000 acres from the March intentions and 100,000 more than in 2019. An estimated 2.90 million acres are forecast to be harvested for grain this year. Producers planted biotechnology varieties on all but 10 percent of their corn fields. Insect resistant (Bt) varieties were planted on three percent; herbicide resistant only varieties were planted on 11 percent; and and stacked gene varieties were planted on 76 percent of the acres.

Soybean acreage in Wisconsin is estimated at 2.05 million acres planted. That's up 100,000 acres from the March forecast and 300,000 above last year's total. Area for harvest is projected at 2.03 million acres. About 89 percent of Wisconsin's bean acreage was planted with herbicide resistant varieties.

Winter wheat plantings is estimated at 160,000 acres, with 120,000 acres expected to be harvested for grain. Oats acreage will be around 310,000, with 125,000 acres expected to be combined.

And the amount of total dry hay expected to be harvested for 2020 is estimated at 1.07 million acres, down 230,000 acres from last year. Alfalfa harvested acreage will be 140,000 less than in 2019 at an estimated 740,000 acres. Other hay harvested is estimated at 250,000 acres, which is 90,000 acres less than the previous growing season.

Nationally, corn plantings are estimated at 92 million acres, up three percent from last year. Soybean planted area for 2020 will be around 83.8 million acres, down 10 percent from the 2019 crop season.

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