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State Cranberry Growers Expecting Bountiful Harvest
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 08/17/2022

Wisconsin's cranberry producers are predicting a solid 2022 crop at 5.2 million barrels, based on the crop projections announced at the U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee meeting New Jersey. If the projections stay on course, Wisconsin will remain the largest cranberry producing state growing and harvesting more than 63 percent of the nation's supply and over half of the world's supply.

"We are pleased to hear from our growers that their crops look strong and healthy and are on track for a normal growing season," said Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association Director Tom Lochner. "The state cranberry industry, and nationwide as a whole, is well positioned to bring in a solid crop and have the demand worldwide to fully utilize it."

The U.S. CMC forecast marks the 28th year that Wisconsin has led the nation in cranberry production. The other largest cranberry growing states and their 2022 crop size projections are: Massachusetts at 1.89 million barrels; New Jersey at 550,000 barrels; Oregon at 510,000 barrels; and, Washington at 160,000 barrels. In total, the U.S. crop is expected to be 8.3 million barrels. Wisconsin's final 2021 crop came in at 3.9 million barrels.

Wisconsin cranberries are grown on 21,000 acres across 20 counties in central and northern regions of the state. Approximately three percent of this year's crop will be sold as fresh fruit, with the rest being frozen and stored for longer-term sales as frozen berries, dried cranberries, juices, sauces and more.

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