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Xcel Energy Exceeds State's Renewable Energy Requirement
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 08/09/2018

Xcel Energy says it has exceeded Wisconsin's renewable energy requirement. According to the 2017 Renewable Portfolio Standard Annual Report filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the utility provided nearly 28 percent of its energy from renewable resources.

This is the 12th consecutive year that Xcel has exceeded the requirement, which for Xcel Energy is 12.89 percent.

Xcel President Mark Stoering noted that while his company is not the largest electric utility in Wisconsin, the company provides more renewable energy than any other.

"Our history of generating clean energy dates back almost a century, and we are proud to continue to help expand Wisconsin's growth in renewable energy, bringing benefits to our customers and communities," Stoering said. "We've been able to accomplish this while keeping electricity bills below the national average, and we anticipate keeping bills low as we add a considerable amount of new renewable energy."

Along with 19 hydro facilities on eight Wisconsin rivers and the state's largest community solar program, Xcel Energy has plans to build eight new wind farms in the Upper Midwest region by 2022, which would help the company reach its goal of powering its customers' electricity needs with 60 percent renewable energy by 2030.

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