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WASS Releases Latest Grain Stocks Figures for Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 10/07/2019

Corn stored in all positions in Wisconsin as of September 1 totaled 97.3 million bushels, down nine percent from the same period last year. Last week, the Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service reported that of the total stocks, 44 percent were stored on-farm. The indicated quarterly disappearance from June to August totaled 126 million bushels, five percent above the 119 million bushels from 2018.

Soybeans stored in all positions tallied at 29.6 million bushels. This is a record high September 1 total stocks on hand--86 percent above the previous record high set in 2007. Of the total stocks, 20 percent were stored on-farm. Indicated disappearance for the second quarter was 26.4 million bushels, five percent more than the 25.1 million bushels from the previous year's levels.

And stored oats totaled 6.08 million bushels, down 38 percent from the 9.78 million bushels on hand last September. Of the total stocks, 53 percent were stored on-farm. Indicated disappearance for June through August was 5.70 million bushels.

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