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Evers Signs Bills Allowing Lemonade Stands, Amending WHEDA Loans
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/26/2019

The state government is giving children in Wisconsin a sweet opportunity to start a new business venture. On Monday, Gov. Tony Evers signed SB 107, which technically legalizes the practice of running a lemonade stand in the front yard without a food and beverage license.

As part of the new law, minors will have the ability to operate temporary stands, such as a lemonade business, on private property without a permit. Sales of such products would be limited to $2,000 per year. However, kids would be barred from selling any potentially hazardous food, such as raw meat and egg salad.

Meanwhile, the governor also approved SB 219, which makes several changes to the agricultural development loan guarantee program administered by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

Specifically, that measure prohibits the term of a loan guarantee from exceeding ten years for land and buildings, give years for inventory, equipment and machinery, and two years for permanent working capital and marketing expenses, and prohibiting the closing fee for a loan guarantee from exceeding 1.5 percent. It further requires WHEDA to allocate $3 million to establish a pilot loan guarantee program within the agricultural development loan guarantee program with a sunset date of July 1, 2024.

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