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Lawmakers Pushing Bill to Delist Wolves From Endangered List
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 05/19/2022

Wisconsin Congressmen Tom Tiffany and Mike Gallagher are joining 20 other members of Congress in introducing the Trust the Science Act to permanently delist the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List in the lower 48 states.

Specifically, the legislation would require the Secretary of the Interior to reissue the previous lifting of protections for wolves within 60 days just as it did nearly two years ago before a federal judge reversed the decision.

"Despite the fact that the gray wolf has recovered well past its recovery goal post, radical environmentalists, with help from a California judge, have re-listed the gray wolf, posing an ongoing threat to livestock, farmers, and pet owners in Wisconsin," Rep. Tiffany said. "The Biden administration must follow the science, as they claim to do, by having Secretary Haaland remove ESA protections from species no longer warranting them. Rep. Gallagher adds that it is past time for the Department of the Interior acknowledge progress made in bring the wolf population back and end continued attempts to re-list the gray wolf.

Earlier this year, U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin introduced their own bills to return management of gray wolf populations to individual states by delisting the animal as an endangered species.

The gray wolf had been delisted in Wisconsin and eight other Great Lakes states in 2014, but was quickly reversed by a federal judge at the urging of animal rights activists. Then in late 2020, the U.S. Department of the Interior removed the wolves from the endangered species list in all of the lower 48 states.

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