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Share the hunt - spring turkey in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/28/2024

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is inviting experienced hunters to share their passion this spring turkey season by introducing friends and family to the sport. Turkey hunting boasts a rich history in Wisconsin, with populations making a remarkable comeback after years of absence. This successful wildlife management program allows the DNR to offer over 245,000 spring turkey harvest authorizations, along with bonus opportunities, spread across seven seasons.

Beyond the thrill of the hunt, spending a day in the woods allows hunters to connect with nature and appreciate the delicate balance of Wisconsin's wildlife. Many hunters find satisfaction in knowing their efforts contribute directly to the food source. Whether participating or simply observing, inviting a new person along can spark an interest in hunting and a deeper understanding of the outdoors.

For those unfamiliar with the activity, the DNR emphasizes the importance of safety and knowledge. Understanding turkey behavior, hunting regulations, and proper technique is crucial for a successful and safe experience. Early spring offers the perfect opportunity to enroll in hunter safety education courses. The DNR also suggests the "Learn to Hunt Turkey" program, which combines classroom instruction on safety, scouting, and biology with a mentored hunting experience.

For those with limited time before the season opener, the Mentored Hunting program allows new hunters to participate under the direct supervision of a qualified mentor. Mentors must be adults with valid hunting licenses and safety certifications. New hunters who cannot complete a safety course or participate in a mentored hunt can find resources online or by contacting the DNR.

The DNR's website provides a wealth of information for both novice and seasoned turkey hunters. Hunters can explore the Turkey Hunting and Management webpage for details on season dates, regulations, and required licenses. Additionally, the website offers information on the Turkey Hunting Access Program and allows hunters to check for remaining harvest authorization availability.

With the DNR's support and guidance, experienced hunters can introduce their loved ones to the traditions and excitement of Wisconsin's spring turkey hunting season.

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