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Thanksgiving Meal in Wisconsin to Cost About $71.49
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/19/2021

Your Thanksgiving meal will likely cost a lot more to prepare next week when compared to the previous year's holiday. According to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, a traditional holiday meal for a family of ten will total around $71.49--which is an increase of $10.52 over last year's average. That equates to a 17.25 percent hike in just one year.

The Madison-based farm group conducted its survey of 15 food items of the traditional Thanksgiving meal in over two dozen communities across Wisconsin.

"It is no secret that the supply chain has been significantly disrupted in the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic," said WFBF Spokesperson Cassie Sonnentag. "Increased costs from processing to transportation have led to increased food prices, particularly in protein products."

The average price for a 16-pound turkey in Wisconsin supermarkets was $8.16 more than last year at $28.48, while a four-pound ham rang up 32-cents more than in 2020 at $10.68. Besides sweet potatoes, which went down slightly in price, all other survey items were more expensive this year. They include milk, cream, dinner rolls, relish trays, cranberries, pumpkin pie mix, pie shells, frozen green beans, miscellaneous ingredients, russert potatoes, and frozen peas.

Meanwhile, the American Farm Bureau also released its survey of the same 15 items for a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal at $53.31. That was $6.41 more than last year.

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