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'Extended' Crop Report Shows Slight Progress in Fields
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/26/2019

The USDA's National Ag Statistics Service typically ends the release of its weekly crop progress reports prior to Thanksgiving, but has decided to extend the summary due to the delayed harvest.

According to the latest figures from the Wisconsin office, frozen soils softened in many areas during the past week because of warmer temperatures, while rain on Wednesday contributed to muddy field conditions. Fieldwork progress was slow but moving along in areas where the soil was firm enough. And grain moistures remained unusually high for this late in the year.

As of Sunday, the corn for grain harvest reached 57 percent complete, 22 days behind last year and 18 days slower than average. Corn condition was 66 percent good to excellent, one percentage point above a week prior. Corn for silage harvest was 97 percent complete.

Farmers have 82 percent of their soybeans off the ground. That's 18 days behind the 2018 growing season and 25 days behind the five-year average.

Sixty-nine percent of the winter wheat crop had emerged--about 2-3 weeks behind where it should be at this time. About half the crop is considered good to excellent.

And fall tillage was reported as 39 percent complete.

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