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EAB Confirmed in Eau Claire County
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 12/05/2017

Another case of the emerald ash borer has been identified, this time in Eau Claire County. The infestation was confirmed on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

"Although we have now found EAB in 48 counties, much of the area in those counties remains uninfested," said Brian Kuhn, plant industry director with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. "These scattered infestations are caused by human activity, not natural spread of the insect. So, it's still important for people not to move firewood out of infested areas, even within their own quarantined counties."

The discovery means that Eau Claire County will now be under quarantine, which means private citizens cannot take firewood from the area to non-quarantine counties.

For businesses handling wood products that could carry EAB, it means that they must work with DATCP to assure that their products are pest-free before shipping.

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