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State Expands Access to Renewable Fuels
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 11/21/2016

Brad Pfaff, the former director of the Wisconsin Farm Service Agency who now serves as the federal FSA's deputy administrator for farm programs, has met with Wisconsin officials and business leaders last week to announce the availability of renewable fuel blends exceeding 10 percent ethanol in Milwaukee and other parts of the state. The funds were made possible by the USDA Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership.

"Wisconsin drivers now have cleaner and more affordable fuel choices thanks to the availability of higher ethanol blends at the pump," said Pfaff. "Now that projects across the country to offer higher blends of renewable fuel are starting to take shape, it is clear that the Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership will increase access to renewable, American-made fuels that will help reduce our environmental impact and support rural economies."

The pumps, associated infrastructure and storage tanks in Wisconsin, were funded with support from USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation's Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership with matching funding from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation, Wisconsin Clean Cities, the American Lung Association and the Wisconsin Biofuels Association. BIP is administered by FSA.

BIP and the USDA is partnering with 21 states to nearly double the number of fueling pumps nationwide that supply renewable fuels to American motorists. With matching contributions from state and private entities, BIP is investing a total of $210 million to strengthen the rural economy.

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