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Wisconsin crops progress despite wet conditions

Wisconsin crops progress despite wet conditions

By Blake Jackson

Wisconsin farmers encountered wet conditions throughout most of the week ending July 7th, 2024, limiting fieldwork activities to just 3.0 suitable days according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. This limited window has some re-evaluating planting options for remaining cropland.

Despite the rain, topsoil and subsoil moisture levels remain favorable, with both categories rated at 0% very short or short, and a majority falling within the adequate to surplus range (49-51% topsoil, 54-46% subsoil).

Crop development continues at a steady pace. Corn emergence is nearly complete, with some early reports of silking already emerging. Encouragingly, corn condition improved slightly to 62% good to excellent.

Soybeans are also showing positive signs. Blooming is ahead of schedule compared to last year, with 22% of the crop in flower. While slightly behind the five-year average, this progress is promising. The overall health of soybeans also improved, with 60% rated good to excellent.

Oat and winter wheat crops are nearing harvest. Oat condition dipped slightly to 78% good to excellent, with 84% of the crop headed and 32% starting to color. Winter wheat coloring reached 90% completion, and overall condition remains good at 81%.

Hay production is underway with the second cutting of alfalfa hay reaching 45% complete. While slightly behind historical averages, all hay conditions improved to 68% good to excellent.

Other positive developments include a rise in potato condition to 90% good to excellent, while pasture and range conditions dipped slightly to 69% good to excellent.

Overall, Wisconsin farmers are navigating a challenging weather pattern. However, with mostly favorable moisture levels and promising crop development, the outlook for the growing season remains cautiously optimistic.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-oticki

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