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Dairy experts at four-state dairy conference

Dairy experts at four-state dairy conference

By Blake Jackson

Calling all dairy producers! The upcoming Four-State Dairy Nutrition & Management Conference promises a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to optimize their operations.

Held on June 5th and 6th at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa, this premier event brings together top minds from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and other leading institutions.

Wisconsin's own Dr. Sebastian Arriola Apelo will delve into balancing milk protein and butterfat in lactation diets, while Dr. Luiz Ferraretto offers insights on maximizing performance through high-quality forages. Additionally, Dr. Paul Fricke tackles optimizing embryo transfer for dairy herds, and Dr. JP Martins explores strategies to improve heifer reproduction and reduce rearing costs.

This collaborative effort by universities across four states (Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) extends beyond the presenters. The agenda boasts a pre-conference symposium by Balchem focusing on amino acid nutrition, featuring experts like Dr. Alex Hristov discussing histamine and cow response to lysine.

The general sessions offer a powerhouse lineup as well. Dr. Mike VandeHaar from Michigan State will share his knowledge on feeding and managing cows for peak production and health. Bill Weiss of Ohio State University tackles strategies for higher milk peaks, while Dr. Jose Santos returns to discuss preventing mineral deficiencies in early lactation.

Looking for even more specific knowledge? Select breakout sessions cater to a range of interests, including:

  • Balancing milk protein and fat content in lactation diets
  • Understanding ketosis for proactive management
  • Feeding strategies for lactation, milk quality, and cow health
  • Managing ration efficiency in overcrowded situations
  • Dry matter intake's impact on uterine health and fertility
  • Fatty acid supplementation strategies for early lactation cows
  • Optimizing embryo transfer and heifer reproductive performance

But the learning doesn't stop there! A trade show featuring over 40 exhibitors showcases the latest industry products, while evening receptions provide valuable networking opportunities. CEU credits are also available for attendees.

This information-packed conference is a must-attend for dairy producers seeking to enhance their knowledge, refine their practices, and connect with industry peers. For more information Jim Salfer at or (612) 360-4506.

Photo Credit: istock-fangxianuo

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