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Dairy hoof health workshop tackles lameness challenges

Dairy hoof health workshop tackles lameness challenges

By Blake Jackson

The 2024 Hoof Management Workshop, hosted by Professional Dairy Producers (PDP), offers a comprehensive learning experience for those involved in dairy hoof health. This one-day event equips participants with strategies to prevent lameness, improve handling skills, and explore treatment options.

Designed for hoof trimmers, herdspersons, veterinarians, nutritionists, and others involved in dairy management, the workshop delves deep into practical solutions. It will be held on Thursday, June 20th, at Maier Farms LLC in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Spanish translation will be available throughout the program.

"Lameness is a major concern impacting every aspect of dairy farm operations," explains Cassandra Strupp, program manager with PDP. "From reproduction and milk production to animal welfare and worker safety, lameness creates a ripple effect of challenges."

The workshop features interactive sessions designed to address different aspects of hoof health. Attendees will participate in small group discussions and breakout sessions focusing on:

  • Footbath Techniques: Mastering the technical aspects of footbaths, crucial for preventing hoof infections.
  • Chronic Lameness Solutions: Exploring treatment options for cows with persistent lameness.
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies: Discussing best practices for ongoing hoof health management and reducing lameness within the herd.

The workshop also includes a practical session at the on-farm location, providing a real-world case study for participants. Here, attendees will refine their animal handling techniques by working directly with dairy cattle in dedicated pens.

Renowned experts will lead the workshop sessions, including Karl Burgi (hoof care specialist), Ashlynn Kirk (animal handling expert), and Dr. Laura Solano (veterinarian). This program is accredited for continuing education credits, making it a valuable opportunity for professional development.

By attending this comprehensive workshop, dairy farm personnel can gain the knowledge and skills needed to address lameness effectively, ultimately improving animal well-being, production efficiency, and overall farm safety.

For all the information about the 2024 PDP Dairy Wellbeing Workshop, including speaker profiles and CEU credits, head to or call 800-947-7379. Register your team now!

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