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Essential hoof care - dairy pros training event

Essential hoof care - dairy pros training event

By Blake Jackson

Dairy professionals don't miss the 2024 Hoof Management Workshop by Professional Dairy Producers (PDP)! This one-day event offers valuable training for hoof trimmers, herdspersons, nutritionists, and veterinarians on June 20th at Maier Farms LLC in Wisconsin.

The workshop boasts world-class speakers, hands-on sessions, and Spanish translation for all attendees. Learn from industry experts Karl Burgi, Ashlynn Kirk, and Dr. Laura Solano on various hoof health topics.

"This workshop is a must-attend for dairy teams," says PDP vice president Paul Lippert. "It provides practical training on animal handling, lameness prevention, and proper hoof care."

The program includes:

  • Stockmanship Fundamentals: Master safe animal handling techniques for both your safety and the cows' well-being. Practice these skills in hands-on sessions with live dairy cattle.
  • Footbath Essentials: Gain in-depth knowledge about footbath setup, maintenance, and its role in hoof health.
  • Chronic Hoof Challenges: Learn treatment options and protocols for cows with persistent hoof problems.
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies: Discover best practices for ongoing hoof health improvement, reducing lameness and its impact on your herd and team.

This workshop is accredited for continuing education credits and offers a valuable opportunity for your entire dairy management team to gain a comprehensive understanding of hoof health and lameness prevention. Register today and ensure everyone is "on the same page" when it comes to caring for your cows' hooves!

Learn more about the 2024 PDP Dairy Wellbeing Workshop, visiting or calling 800-947-7379.

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