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Expert insights on crossbred cattle nutrition

Expert insights on crossbred cattle nutrition

By Blake Jackson

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, in collaboration with the UW-Madison Animal and Dairy Science Department, is set to host a series of four in-person workshops focused on Beef X Dairy crossbred cattle from July 29 to August 1, 2024.

These workshops aim to provide dairy producers and cattle feeders in Wisconsin with valuable, research-based insights into nutrition, feedlot management, and carcass composition specific to beef x dairy crossbreds.

A highlight of the workshops will be Dr. Jerad Jaborek from Michigan State University, renowned for his expertise in Beef Feedlot Systems and extensive research on beef x dairy crossbred cattle. Dr. Jaborek will share insights into feeding and managing these crossbreds, offering attendees a deep dive into practical applications derived from his research.

Additional topics covered during the workshops will include UW-Madison's feeding trial results, focusing on carcass composition and sensory evaluations of meat from beef x dairy crossbreds. Alyssa Seitz, a graduate student involved in the UW-Madison project, will contribute her findings to enrich the discussion.

Moreover, Bill Halfman, Extension Beef Outreach Specialist, and Ryan Sterry, Extension Regional Dairy Educator, will present on-farm feedout performance data and survey results from dairy farmers.

The workshops will conclude with interactive Q&A sessions facilitated by local Extension educators, offering participants the opportunity to delve deeper into local issues and concerns related to beef x dairy crossbred cattle.

Each workshop session will commence with registration at 5:15 PM, followed by the program at 6:00 PM. Pre-registered attendees will be provided with food and refreshments. Locations include UW-Green Bay STEM Innovation Center, Country Aire Restaurant in Stratford, Ag Service and Education Center in Baldwin, and the Eckstein Building at Grant County Fairgrounds in Lancaster.

Registration for these informative workshops close on July 22, 2024, encouraging interested individuals to secure their spots promptly to benefit from the comprehensive insights and networking opportunities available.

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